Enjoy a wide range of activities and classes at the Glenelg Community Club

Whether you would like to get your body moving, learn a musical instrument or just spend quality time playing board and card games with like-minded people, we have a range of activities and classes to suit.

View our calendar of classes and activities below.  To learn more about each of the sessions simply click on the class title within the calendar.




Test your word knowledge with our weekly Scrabble sessions.  Played in groups of 2-4 Scrabble challenges your knowledge of the English vocabulary as you create words using 7 letter tiles in the aim to score the most points against the other players. Open to any and all people who wish to play. Can be just couples or groups. Scrabble Games provided. $2 fee to play.



Monday and Thursday

Get your body moving with our popular Zumba classes held Monday's and Thursday's.  Suitable for all ages and abilities, involving movement to popular music and great exercise for all.  Beginners zumba. Annette runs the class on Mondays and Sandy on Thursdays. Classes just $4.


Yoga, Thai Chi, Wellness

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Yoga with Evaristo Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This is Intermediate and Ongoing yoga. Need to have done yoga previously.  Yogi Instructor is Evaristo.   Cost is $8 per class




Singalong - Tuesday

Open to all so come along and sing your favourite songs which are projected onto the wall so that everyone can sing the words and play the Ukulele in the correct key.  Great positive group of approx 40 people who make everyone feel welcome and included. Wonderful  sing-along.  $3 per session.


Ukulele - Beginner's & Intermediate - Wednesday

This is a school term class and the teacher is Sharon Moss.  Once you have learnt to play the Uke you can then come along and attend the singalong on Tuesdays. The courses run weekly  on Wednesdays.  To book please phone Sharon Moss on 0426 207 742





Our wonderful group of Dutch people gather every Thursday to get together and play cards, the ‘Dutch’ way.  Everyone is welcome.  If you are new to Dutch Cards our group of friendly players will teach you the basics of the game and ensure you are welcomed and enjoy your time at the Club.  10:00am to 12:00pm. Just $2 to join in.



A partnership card game, Bolivia is a great way to build friendship and camaraderie whilst enjoying the company of like-minded individuals.  Our wonderful group of player’s welcome all newcomers and are more than happy to teach you the basics of the game.  Just $2 to join in.



Friday and Saturday


A bit of fun in competition with our Friday and Saturday Carpet bowls sessions. Come along and join the competitive group and play bowls inside.  No experience necessary, just a willingness to join in some friendly competition.  $2 per session


A bit of fun in competition with our Saturday Carpet bowls sessions. Come along and join the competitive group and play bowls inside.  No experience necessary, just a willingness to join in some friendly competition.  $2 per session


Tai Chi


Come along and stretch and exercise your body and learn the basics of TaiChi.  Mardiah is the teacher for this class.


Line Dancing


If you like singing and moving to country music our weekly line dancing class is ideal.  Come along and enjoy some light-hearted movement to music with our like-minded and welcoming Members.  $3 per class.


Folk Dancing


Ever wanted to learn traditional dances from across the globe?  Our weekly folk dancing class is held every Thursday with all ages and abilities welcome.  $5 per class.


Art Class - Water Colours


Enjoy the company of other art lovers in a calm and welcoming environment.  Art teacher, Gail, will show and teach you how to create beautiful water colour pieces of beautiful scenes.  Every Thursday from 1pm – 3pm, $6 a class.


Light Exercise


No matter your movement limitations our Light Exercise classes cater for all.  Utilising chairs for those with limited mobility, we will work through some gentle movement and stretches to keep your body supple.  All ages and abilities welcome Friday mornings from 11am to 12pm.  $4 per class


Auction Bridge


An offshoot of the general game of bridge, Auction Bridge is a three-handed form of bridge. Our knowledgeable group welcomes new players and will teach and guide all newcomers in the game.  Just $2 to join in.


Recorder group

Experienced players and beginners welcome!!!!

Bring your recorder and music stand. Learn to play duets and 4 part harmony.

Easy classics & popular pieces. Bing your own favourites to play in a small group.

Phone Gavin on 0431290282